Tastee Recipes from the Tastee Inn & Out

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The Tastee Inn & Out restaurant, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, was great place to eat. They opened their doors in 1948 and remained mostly unchanged until they sadly closed their doors in 2014.

Tastee Recipes: Tastee Inn & Out Copycat recipes. Find the iconic Tastee loose meat sandwich, Onion chips and dip!

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The Tastee Inn and Out restaurant made a lasting impression on all who ate there. Many wonderful memories were made while their delicious food was devoured.

Those of you sadden by the closing of the restaurant, don’t worry. We have you covered. You can still enjoy these tastee recipes at home.

Those loose meat sandwiches and onion chips and dip were so tastee. (pun intended) ;)

Here is where you can get these tastee recipes.

Tastee Inn & Out Copycat Recipes

1. Loose Meat Sandwich (a.k.a Tastee Sandwich) – Midwestern Moms
The iconic Tastee Sandwich. The delicious goodness of the loose meat sandwich everyone loved. Make sure to top it with the dill pickles and mustard!

2. Tastee’s Onion Chips – Food.com
The Tastee Inn and Out Onion Chips recipe is a hard one to find. You simply can not have the Tastee Sandwich without these yummy onion chips! You will need to deep fry these tastee onion chips to get the desired delicious taste.

3. Tastee’s Onion Chip Dip – Family Cookbook Project
Of course you can not have those golden brown chips of goodness without the unique Onion Chip Dip. Simply whip this up in about 5 minutes to compete the Tastee Meal.

Now that you have all tastee recipes from the Tastee Inn and Out, you can cook up a delicious meal to remind you of the times you spent at the restaurant. Fix up a sweet milkshake and your meal is complete!

What is your favorite memory from eating at the Tastee Inn and Out?

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  1. Jackie Wagner says:

    I have been searching for the relish recipe that was used on the Tastee Pup hot dogs. Does anyone have the recipe?

  2. Jackie Wagner says:

    I have been searching for the relish recipe that was used on the Tastee Pup hot dogs at Tastee In & Out in Lincoln, NE. Does anyone have the recipe?

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