Hi, I’m Devon

First, I want to welcome you to Midwestern Moms! I am so glad you stopped by.

I am a mother to 2 boys, 2 dogs, and 7 cats. Yes, that is a full house, but living on a small farm helps.

On our little farm, we have a flock of chickens and a number of beehives. I absolutely love going outside each day and collecting eggs from our girls.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

out on the deck

Listening to

meditation music

grateful for

my family

Favorite place


Favorite activity

collecting eggs

best snuggle buddies

my hubby, pup and cat

Where this all began

Midwestern Moms was started by Amanda, a dear friend. She started the Midwestern Moms journey when she gave birth to her daughter. It was her dream to stay home and raise her little girl. I joined Amanda around 2011 and helped her grow the blog. Like her, wanted to stay home and raise my boys. After a few years, Amanda chose to pursue other dreams, leaving me running Midwestern Moms.

Once the boys reached school age, I did have to take on extra work as well. However, I still try and post to the blog, just not as regularly as in the past.

I do appreciate each and every reader, and that is why I keep the blog going. I love it when my readers take the time to reach out and suggest ideas, ask questions about a recipe or crochet project, or to tell me a simple “Thank you”.