Scissor Practice Worksheets: Cutting Shapes

Once kids master basic scissor skills, it is time to learn how to cut out shapes. These scissor practice worksheets will help prepare your child for school.

Free Scissor Practice Worksheets - Cutting shapes. Help your child learn how to use scissors before going to school!

When I took my son to Kindergarten readiness, they handed him a paper with shapes on it and asked him to cut out the shapes. This was before I made the Preschool Scissor Practice Worksheets and he didn’t do very well on this test part of the test.

I told them I had allowed him to cut up paper so he would have a general idea. I just hadn’t thought about giving him something to actually cut out.  They said it was nothing to worry about since it is a skill they will learn in Kindergarten.

However, I decided to be proactive and help him out with his scissor skills. The Preschool Scissor Practice Worksheets taught him how to cut on the line. I wanted to help him learn to cut out shapes so I created scissor practice worksheets to advance his skills.

If you need help teaching your child how to hold scissors, check out this post: How To Hold Scissors by Sight and Sound Reading.

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