Haunted Places In Missouri

I grew up hearing about many haunted places in Missouri, and as I got older, I started to appreciate many of the famous ghost stories told in our state. Missouri has a rich history in Civil War battles, and plenty of caverns, mines, and mills where people have reported paranormal activity.

Find the most haunted places in Missouri. BOO!

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Do you like a good ghost story? I hope so! I’ve put together 10 haunted places in Missouri sure to put a chill up your spine.

1. Lemp Mansion – St. Louis, Missouri
As head office and residence of the family that owned the Lemp Brewery, this house has a rich past. Built in the 1860’s, the Lemp family purchased the house and built it up to feature thirty-three rooms. There’s also a basement entrance to the underground caves in St. Louis, a series of caves used by the breweries for aging and distributing beer. The Lemp Mansion is said to be haunted by several members of the Lemp family, who all took their lives in the house.

2. Glore Psychiatric Museum – St Joseph, MO
A fascinating museum displaying one hundred and thirty years worth of state hospital and mental health treatment history. Surgical tools, patient artwork, and nurse uniforms are among the over 10,000 items on display that span the multiple floors of the museum. This museum is said to be haunted with patients still awaiting treatment. With that much history, how could it not have a few stories?

3. The Anderson House – Lexington, MO
Built in 1853, the Oliver Anderson house in Lexington, MO was a large part of Missouri’s Civil War history. During the Battle of Lexington, the Federals evicted the family and took over this large house to use as a hospital. The house itself changed hands at least three times during the first day of battle, causing extensive damage to the house, as well as much bloodshed. The house is a state historic site, and has been rumored that people have had some odd experiences around the property. What do you believe?

4. Elms Hotel – Excelsior Springs, MO
Visited by Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, this large hotel and spa is said to house the spirit of a gambler from the Prohibition era, and other friendly ghosts. There is supposedly one of a maid wearing a 1920’s uniform who makes sure the housekeeping staff is on point. I think this would be a fun place to visit and enjoy the natural springs.

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5. Union Station – Kansas City, MO
If you’ve ever been in Union Station of an evening, odds are you’ve felt that uneasy vibe. From unexplained train whistles, to spirits dating back to the World War II era, this site is definitely rich with history. This was the site of the 1933 Union Station Massacre and definitely has a past worth exploring.

6. Missouri State Penitentiary – Jefferson City, MO
This site now offers history and paranormal tours, spanning over one hundred years worth of historic events. This decommissioned prison has had many alleged stories of paranormal activity and is definitely on my list of places to tour in the next few years.

7. Odd Fellows Asylum / Belvoir Winery – Liberty, MO
What is now a beautiful winery, used to have a dark past. Now offering paranormal investigations and murder mystery dinners, this site used to be a home site for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Said to haunt its walls are orphaned children, and any number of spirits from the 600 people buried in the cemetery on the site. The building itself is beautiful and definitely one that I want to see in person.

8. Bloody Hill – Springfield, MO
The second major battle of the Civil War was the Battle of Wilson’s Creek. With more than 535 deaths during this battle, there could definitely be some spirits not at peace. Looking at this land, it’s hard to believe that is was once a battleground. Reported activity near this site is the sound of gunfire or cannons, or ghostly apparitions of soldiers.

9. Bone Hill – Levasy, MO
A legend of a farmer who sold his acreage for gold, and then buried it along the stone wall he’d had built. Supposedly, a light can be seen from the stone every seven years, as that was when the farmer said he would return. Interesting story, and would be a great site to visit to see the still-standing stone wall.

10. Pythian Castle – Springfield, MO
This gorgeous castle once served as a meeting hall for the Knights of Pythias. During WWII the military used the property alongside the nearby hospital for injured troops. The facility was also said to house prisoners during the war. Having friendly ghosts, reports have included orbs, voices, and objects being moved around. I think a murder mystery dinner would be in order just to be able to tour this beautiful piece of history.

Have you been to any good haunted places in Missouri that we’ve left off this list? If so, please comment below!

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  1. Thank you for this post. I live in MO and have never heard of at least 1/2 of these places (or cities).

    I’m looking forward to exploring all of them!!

    1. I am glad you liked this post! Have fun exploring!! Let me know what you think of the places you visit.

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