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A multitude of activities allow you to blaze you own path. Whether you want to ride the zip line high above the ground, or are more comfortable crawling in the subterranean tunnels, there is something for everyone at Fritz’s Adventure.

Fritz's Adventure

There is SO much fun to be had at Fritz’s Adventure! We had a blast and boys were asking when they could go back as soon as we left!

The boys had so much fun exploring and trying new things! You know boys, they love to climb and explore and this place was perfect.

But guess what – it isn’t just for kids! Adults have fun running around as well.

The first thing you see when you walk into the Fritz’s Adventure is an actual airplane. You can climb up and sit in the cock pit. You can charter your own flight to wherever your imagination will take you.

Fritz's Adventure - Plane

See that bridgeway from the plane? Guess where that goes! It connects to a real water tower, fitted with a slide!

Fritz's Adventure Water Tower

As I mentioned before, there is really something for everyone. They have some areas that require height restrictions but they have plenty of other things even for the little ones.

My youngest is almost 3 years old and he had just as much fun as everyone else.

The first area the boys played in was the area that had a woodland feel to it. There was “grass”, tree stumps, and rocks to climb and play on.

Fritz's Adventure

Now those green lines you see going across the picture, that is Sky Walk. They have two different areas. one for the smaller kids and one that is much larger and higher for the taller kids and adults.

My oldest actually conquered his fear of heights at the Sky Walk. It took some pep talking and him understanding that he was in a harness that would not allow him to fall.

After a few minutes, he was walking around like a pro.

Fritz's Adventure Sky Walk

Fritz’s Adventure is 80,000 square feet of pure fun. Everything inside is what kids dream about playing on.

There is a corner where semi-trailers are stacked up and kids can crawl all around in.

Fritz's Adventure

There are even tunnels! There are several ways in and out of these tunnels.  One entry is through a cement mixer drum!

Fritz's Adventure

There are many other adventurous things to do while at Fritz’s Adventure. Depending on how tall you are, you can do the wall climbing, telephone and utility pole climbing as well as the 35 foot tall corkscrew slide!

The boys are excited to go back to Fritz’s Adventure. We are already planning to go back this summer.

The employees were excellent and very patient with the children.  Overall, it is a great place to spend while you are in Branson, Missouri.

To find out more, check out Fritz’s Adventure website. It is a must place to visit!


  1. How old are your kids? My youngest is 6 and only 43″tall will there be enough for her to do?

    Just a quick FYI. Those are shipping containers, not semi trailers.

    1. My oldest is 5 and my youngest was 2 at the time we went. There were older kids there as well. I even saw adults on the skywalk (there are 2 different versions of the skywalk). However, I don’t think my oldest was tall enough for the larger skywalk. He is 3 foot 11 inches. I can’t remember what the height limit was for the larger skywalk.

      She won’t be able to climb the wall or telephone poles but there is plenty to run around and climb on. My boys had a blast without doing those things.

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