Valentine Love Bugs Tutorial

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Valentine Love Bugs make for a fun kids craft. They will have so much fun creating these little guys.

How CUTE! Easy to make Valentine Love Bugs. Kids will enjoy making these fun bugs.

These Valentine Love Bugs don’t take much time at all to make. So it is easy to make a whole bunch of the cute wiggly eyed guys to make into Valentine cards! I have created a card for you to print out and attach the Love Bugs to when they are created. Simply cut the card stock into fourths. Feel free to print as many as you need.

How to Make Valentine Love Bugs:



Pick out the pom pom you want to use for the body of your love bug.

Cut out a heart shape from the foam sheet to make the feet. Use the size of the pom pom to decide how big to cut your heart shape.

Cut the pipe cleaner to the length of antenna you want. Bend the pipe cleaner to make 2 antennas.

The 3 things to make Valentine Love Bugs

Take your glue and put a dab on the pointy end of the heart.

Then place the pom pom on top. Make sure the humps of the heart poke out like feet.

Adding glue to the heart to add the pom pom to make Valentine Love Bugs

Part the fuzz on the pom pom and place a dab of glue.

Then place the bent part of the antennas on the glue. Hold in place for a bit to allow the glue to dry.

Fluff the fuzz of the pom pom so it isn’t parted where the antenna poke out.

I bent the two ends of the antenna to form a heart. You can add small pom poms or even cut out small hearts to glue on the ends of the antenna to make them each different.

Adding the antenna to Valentine Love Bugs

Grab 2 wiggly eyes and glue them on and now your love bug is complete!

Now glue the love bugs onto the Valentines and your kids can give them out as unique Valentine Cards.

How CUTE! Easy to make Valentine Love Bugs. Kids will enjoy making these fun bugs.

Here is what my oldest son made for his little brother. He decided it needed three eyes.


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