20 Pokemon Recipe Ideas

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Planning a Pokémon party? We’ve got you covered with some of the best Pokémon recipe ideas across the Internet. From cocktails to cookies, these Pokémon inspired foods are as eye-catching as they are delicious.

20 Pokemon Recipe Ideas

If you have a group of people gathered together to catch them all, these ideas are sure to increase combat power before battle.


We’ve been busy here on the blog this week making up Pokemon desserts. First, our Pokemon Rice Krispie Treats have been a favorite at my house. I also baked up a batch of Pokemon Sugar Cookies to send to work with my husband. Check out this Pokemon Cupcake Recipe. It was my first time ever using fondant. Lastly, you need to see these cute Pikachu inspired cupcakes!

The Pokeball Oreos from Delish look delish. They use sprinkles and white chocolate to create a quick and easy treat.

I love fudge recipes, so when I spotted this Pokeball fudge using Oreos by It’s a Fabulous Life, I was in love. How delicious!

Love S’mores? How about BulbaS’mores? This recipe from Nerdist looks like a fun snack for kids and adults.


If you are having an adult gathering, you have to see this Team Valor Cocktail from Totally the Bomb. Go team red!

This Pokeball Fruit Punch by Nerdy Mamma will be a definite crowd pleaser. I love the black sanding sugar on the rims of the glasses. Makes for a great presentation. Check out this site for a Jigglypuff Punch also!

Here’s another adult cocktail, the Pineapple Pikachu Daiquiri by Simplistically Living. Wow, this one looks delicious.

This Pokemon Power Up Bulbasaur Punch has to be one of the most creative Pokemon-inspired drinks I’ve seen. Parenting Chaos brings us this kid-friendly drink with a fun presentation. Be sure to check her site for additional Pokemon recipes, she has some great ones!

Playbuzz has an entire collection of Pokemon cocktails that you have to see. The creative garnishes are definitely character inspired.

This MarGOrita by Put it in Your Mouth is a delicious rainbow blended drink, using the colors of each team swirled together in one glass.

Party Food/Snacks:

If you are a sushi fan, you’ve got to see this Pokemon Ball Sushi from Chopstick Chronicles. I’m fascinated by how this is made. It also looks delicious.

Nerdy Nummies is one of my favorite YouTube Channels, and Rosanna has created a Pokemon Poke Ball Parfait that looks delicious. While you are there, her nerdy food creations are amazing, plan on spending some serious browsing time on this one!

I can’t not give a link to Her Campus and their Pokemon-Inspired Food roundup. Seriously…Pokemon pizza, cakes, cookies, bento box ideas, melon bread. It’s so insane that you have to check it out.

Koalipops, another YouTube Channel, has Pokemon Covered Strawberries. Delicious and (somewhat) nutritious. :)

Bent on Better Lunches has a great collaboration of Pokemon Bento Box ideas. What creative lunch ideas!

This dish from Aarti Paarti is for a Pokeball Poke Bowl, and is a comfort bowl made with ahi tuna, rice, and seasonings. Truly unique, and great if you love sushi.

Looking for a great party appetizer? Droz The Good Life has crafted a Pokeball Snack with crackers to look like a poke ball. What a great idea!

Which Pokemon recipe ideas excite you most? Which do you think you will make first?

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