20 Delicious Patriotic Dessert Recipes

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Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means the patriotic season is upon us.

Cookouts and parties abound these next few months, and you will be sure to be asked to bring some kind of a dish to pass.

Why not whip up one of these 20 delicious patriotic dessert recipes to share with friends and family?

20 Delicious Patriotic Desserts!

Patriotic Dessert Recipes

One of my favorites is right here on Midwestern Moms. Bust out the star-shaped cookie cutters and drizzle red, white, and blue candy melts with sprinkles on these 4th of July Rice Krispie Treats. My son loved them and I am sure your kids will, too!

Or, you can make Patriotic Rice Krispie Treat Pops like Baking Beauty by making red, white, and blue Rice Krispie Treats and pressing them onto a popsicle stick.

Kids would also get a kick out of helping to make this No-Bake Flag Dessert Recipe from The Country Chic Cottage. It’s a simple cream cheese frosting and berries that you put on top of shortbread cookies, and then arrange to look like an American flag.

Another kid-friendly recipe is the Red, White, and Blue Star Cookie stacks from Coffee With Us 3. Make quick batch of star-shaped strawberry shortcake cookies, shortbread cookies, or sugar cookies and alternate layers of Cool Whip and fresh berries between the cookies.

Patriotic Pinwheel Cookies, like these from Juggling Act Mama may take some time because they are made from scratch, but so many good things are! When you roll together the three colors of dough and then cut them into slices, you get a fun and unique looking patriotic dessert that will definitely get attention.

Another fancy cookie is the Red, White, and Blue Whoopie Pie from Baking Beauty. The top layer is red, the bottom layer is blue, and the middle white layer is that marshmallow frosting in the center. A patriotic twist on a beloved classic!

In the mood for cupcakes? We also have Fourth of July Cupcakes that look really festive when on display. Dress up a box of white cake mix with pudding in it. Use red and blue gel food coloring for vibrant colors in the homemade buttercream frosting. It looks best with a swirl!

You can even find a cake mix that is designed to make Red, White, and Blue Cupcakes. An Alli Event found this box and used it to make cupcakes, topped with a cream cheese frosting and fun decorations from a craft store. These swirls are also quite attractive.

Make cake look really fancy by making trifle. This Red, White, and Blue Trifle from Munchkins and Military is just gorgeous. Use a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut out pieces of angel food cake. Top with whipped cream and berries, then repeat. It’s also really easy, and the kids can help!

You can also get fancy by making an American Flag Surprise Cake. Schooling a Monkey went all out and made the entire thing from scratch, but says you can also use a boxed cake mix and store-bought frosting. Honestly, the hardest part is the assembly, but it isn’t quite as bad as it seems. Surprise cakes are quite popular and look amazing when cut open.

Have you ever heard of making cake into candies? Who Needs a Cape has Patriotic No-Bake Cake Batter Truffles that are really easy to make. You can even make them in advance, as you keep them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them. A fancy, bite-sized treat!

A Red, White, and Blue Cobbler, created by An Alli Event, is really easy to make and doesn’t have to overheat your kitchen. Cook the berries on the stove and cut out star shapes from refrigerated biscuits to put on top. Simple and tasty. Top it off with whipped cream or ice cream, if you want, but you don’t have to.

Cheese tarts are a great dessert for a hot day. Katarina’s Paperie gives them a patriotic twist with Strawberry and Blueberry Cream Cheese Tarts. While this recipe has strawberries on one set and blueberries on another, you could combine the two for a real red, white, and blue dessert.

Did you know that waffles can be for dessert, as well as for breakfast? The Joys of Boys makes Fourth of July Waffles by topping them off with whipped cream, blueberries, and strawberries, to make an American flag. Why not also consider adding ice cream?

How about topping strawberries with homemade whipped cream and a homemade blueberry caramel topping? Raising Whasians does this quickly and easily for her Red, White, and Blue Dessert.

If sweet and savory is what you crave, a super easy recipe is the Patriotic Firecracker Dipped Pretzel Rods from Live Love Texas. All you need are the white candy melts and some red, white, and blue sprinkles in which you dip those salty pretzel rods.

Go for a more bite-sized sweet and savory treat by making mini American flags out of pretzel squares like these Patriotic Pretzel Bites from Two Sisters Crafting.

And then there is always the ever so tasty Patriotic Puppy Chow from Momerish that you will find yourself sneaking out of the snack bowl all day long.

Or maybe you want something a little healthier. Fruit always makes for a great dessert, even without the whipped cream and ice cream. Joys of Boys makes fun Fruit Rockets by skewering bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.

You can also have a healthier dessert by alternating layers of vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries as B-Inspired Mama does in the Simple Yogurt Parfait Recipe.

Which one of these patriotic dessert recipes is your favorite?


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