How To Organize Your Linen Closet

I was so excited when we got this new house and it had a linen closet. Some place centralized to put our towels, wash cloths, hand towels, etc. So I put all my towels and things in there how I was used to putting things in the old house. I was so disappointed on how little it actually held. See the craziness I was living with:

Linen Closet Before Picture

Fast forward a few months, I still wasn’t happy with my linen closet. I decided to try organizing it better. It could have been the whole nesting thing that spurred my ambition but I am so glad I did it.

Linen Closet After Pitcture

As you can see, it looks much cleaner and neat. It was great to put almost everything back in the closet and search for more items to put in there. Made me feel so much better! The best part about it, I didn’t spend a penny on anything. I just used baskets/bins that I had already.

Linen Closet Organization

Tips for Organizing the Linen Closet

  • Remove Everything and Sort: I took out everything and started looking through all I had. I had some towels, wash cloths and hand towels that weren’t in the best of shape any more. I removed those and decided they would be cleaning rags or towels for the dogs. That way I am reusing the items and not tossing them out.
  • Folding: Who knew that rolling your towels would save you so much space! I tried to fold them square but just took up too much space. With rolling the towels, I was able to get them all on one shelf. It also helped to fold and stack the wash clothes and hand towels neatly. I started folding the hand towels smaller than I did before.
  • Use Baskets or Bins for smaller items: I used a nice basket for the baby wash clothes and towels. They are smaller items and folded nicely in the basket. Also, I didn’t have a place for my candles before. The plastic bin I found works great for the candles. I also placed them on the floor since I don’t get into the candles much. As I mentioned before, I happened to have these bins so I didn’t have to purchase items to get this project done.
  • Plan where you want to put items: Things I don’t use much, like my candle and blankets, I placed on the floor and bottom shelf. Extra pillows that are not used often I placed on the very top of the closet. Things for the children, like sheets and blankets, I placed second to the bottom. Everyday items, like towels, are placed at a height where you don’t have to reach or bend much to get to them.
  • Place scented satchels in your closet: Add a small scented satchel of your choice in your closet. It will keep things smelling nice.

As you can see, my closet isn’t packed full either. It was very nice to have the problem of deciding what to put in the closet. I was going around the house and getting into unpacked boxes trying to figure out what to put in there. Now I can’t wait to tackle my office closet! I will let you all know how that all turns out when it is completed.

What tips do you have on organizing your linen closet?

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  1. The rolling thing is genius!

    I put my matching sheets and pillowcases into one of the pillowcases when I am folding so when I go to chance sheets I know everything will be together.

    1. Good idea with the sheets! I have yet to find all my sets from moving. HA!

  2. Earl-Leigh says:

    You don’t even want to hear about my linen organization. Ha! I’m going to start rolling towels now. Its cute and an efficient use of space.

    1. Before rolling my towels, they would not all fit on one shelf. Now they do. I was amazed at the difference.

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