How To Make A Wreath

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I have always wondered about how to make a wreath. The only time I really think about them is during the holidays. I am more of a person that hangs one up for Christmas time and that is it. Maybe, since I found out how easy it is to make wreaths, I may try my hand at a few different ones now.

How to make a wreath

What you will need:

  • Grapevine (if you don’t have access to dried grapevine, you can purchase pre-made grapevine wreaths)
  • Wire
  • Ribbon – Make sure it has wire in it
  • Ornaments
  • Wire Cutters

Step 1: Take your dried grapevine and wrap it around in a wreath shape. Keep weaving it around itself until you have made it to the size you want it. Great thing about it? You don’t need wires to keep it together! If you don’t have access to grapevine and you purchased one, skip this step)

How to make a wreath - Step 1

Step 2: Take your ribbon and make your bow. If you need help with making a bow, I used this video.

How to make a wreath - Step 2

Step 3: Attach the bow to the bottom part of the wreath with wire.

How to make a wreath - Step 3

Step 4: Tie 4 of the Christmas Ornaments together with some wire.

How to make a wreath - Step 4

Step 5: Attach the bunch of ornaments to the wreath on one side of the bow with wire. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other side.

How to make a wreath - Step 5

Guess what? We are all done! The wreath will fit into a wreath door hook so you don’t even have to worry about attaching something to hang it.

How to make a wreath

Have you ever made your own wreaths? When do you normally hang wreaths?

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  1. This is beautiful. Love it and you make it seem so simple to make! I will have to try this. Thanks Devon!

  2. My first job was at a craft store and I never thought to make my own grapevine wreath! Well done and love the ornaments :)

  3. Earl-Leigh says:

    This is so pretty and classy! I’ve been afraid to work with grapevine but I’m going to give it try now.

    1. The wreath really was easy to make. Give it a try!

  4. Kristen Kelly says:

    I love Christmas crafts! I never would have thought making a wreath would be so easy!

  5. Malinda threatt says:

    How long do you let grapevines dry out. I just trimmed old grape vine that hadn’t been cut back in years. I have enough grape vines to start a business! I made wreath with green vines and it did pretty well but then I saw you advice to use dried vines. I want to make them right. Please let me know.

    1. Hello Malinda.

      I think it really depends on the look you want. You can go ahead and make them when they are green and let them dry. It would give you a tighter looking wreath.

      Or if you want more breaks in the vine to make a rustic type of look, wait till they are dry or almost dry (with a bit of play where they don’t break as easy).

      I am trying to remember when we made this wreath, I think the vines were almost dried up (towards the end of the year) before we even cut them. They may have sat out for a week, give or take.

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