Snowflake Wreath

Creating a snowflake wreath is a simple project that you can do with your family to give as a gift. X-ACTO products make it easy to cut out any type of snowflake to add to a beautiful grapevine wreath and then your children can use glue and glitter to decorate the snowflake to add to the wreath.

Snowflake Wreath

For this project, I drug out all of my X-ACTO and Elmer’s supplies. Here is a photo showing all of my X-ACTO supplies that I gathered, even though I didn’t use them all. I also purchased a ruler and some new decorative scissors on this trip.


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My favorite two X-ACTO products are my ruler and my knife. They are two staples that I use in almost every craft project that I do.



Using your X-ACTO knife and ruler, cut a piece of paper into a complete square.


Based upon the snowflake you want to make, fold and cut the paper accordingly. Channel your inner childhood for this project and use your imagination to cut the paper, or use a template. There are several online that you can find if you just google “Snowflake Template.”


Once you have cut out your snowflake you can allow your children to help out. Allow them to add some glue to the tips of the snowflake and then dump glitter all over it to give it some sparkle.

Let’s face it… who can resist glitter?

Attach the snowflake to the wreath. My wreath has plenty of branches that stick out, so I secured it that way for indoor use. You can also glue it onto the branch, or attach it with ribbon.


What a fun gift to give for the holidays that you kids were able to help out with!

Snowflake Wreath

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