DIY Painted Pumpkin Bottles

Simple DIY Painted Pumpkin Bottles. A perfect way to reuse empty bottle into fall decor!

Simple DIY painted pumpkins bottles

I am trying to get into the fall spirit lately (see my mason jar centerpiece) and pumpkins are perfect for fall.

I got brave with this project as I chose to hand paint the pumpkins. I do wish they came out a little better, but not bad for the first try!

I used empty bottles for this project that I had around the house. They were: wine bottle, lemonade bottle, and a pasta sauce jar.

How to spruce up these bottles into awesome fall decor:


  • 3 bottles or jars
  • GooGone
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Chalk Paint in the colors of: plaster, pumpkin, green and brown
  • Paint Brushes
  • Flowers to add for decoration


Step 1: Clean out the bottles or jars.

Step 2: Soak the bottles or jars in water to loosen the labels.

Before using GooGone

Step 4: To help get rid of all the stickiness from the labels, use GooGone Spray Gel. Read the instructions on how to use.

After using GooGone

Step 5: Rub down with rubbing alcohol just to make sure everything is clean

Step 6: Put 2 coats of the plaster colored chalk paint on the bottles. Allow to fully dry between coats and before moving to the next step.

Painted Jars

Step 7: Using the pumpkin colored chalk paint, paint your pumpkin shape. You may need 2 layers of paint.

Started to paint the pumpkin

Step 8: The pumpkin looks like an orange blob. So using your brown chalk paint, add a stem and put some curved lines. The darker curved lines will add dimension to your pumpkin.

Step 9: Using the plaster chalk paint, paint some highlights on the pumpkins.

Step 10: Using green chalk paint, add a few vines to the top of the pumpkin.

After is it all dry, you can spray it with a sealant to protect your artwork.

Add some flowers and your bottles are done!

Simple DIY painted pumpkins bottles

Want to know where I got the GooGone? I as able to find it in the cleaning supplies at Walmart. At my store it was on the bottom shelf.

In Store Photo of GooGone

How are you decorating this fall?

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  1. Such a cute idea. I Have Goo Gone in my home. I have used it many times. Thank you for the info.

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