Fall Craft: Rustic Painted Pumpkin

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Fall Painted Pumpkin

When fall comes around I suffer from great conflict: Do I decorate for fall, or do I decorate for Halloween? Well, this year I am attempting to do both in different areas of my home. I love pumpkins and have been itching to paint one since they first started coming out in the stores this year. I finally got my hands on a styrofoam pumpkin from Michaels on sale for half price. Yay!


I really dug this pumpkin alone. I might go back and get a few more to put with my painted pumpkin. But, for the love of the blog, I really wanted to decorate one up for you all this year!

Painted Pumpkin

I got out some of my acrylic paint and painted it khaki color. As you can see, even after 2 coats it wasn’t perfectly covered, but that is okay because the look we are going for is rustic.

Roughed Up Pumpkin

The next thing I did was get out my sandpaper…. a girl’s best friend for distressing! I roughed up that pumpkin like it deserved it. Just kidding… it didn’t deserve it, but I took out some of my frustrations on it nonetheless.

Leaves on Pumpkin

Hot glue gun time! I used some hot glue to attach a few fall colored leaves that I detached from a floral pick to my pumpkin.

Fall Pumpkin Craft

Finish your pumpkin by tying raffia to the stem. This pumpkin goes well with my wagon wheel planter, which is perfect since it is now too cold for flowers. Also, since I used a fake pumpkin, I’ll be able to use this again next year!

What craft projects are you working on this fall?

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