Crochet Watermelon Scrubbie Pattern

Your new favorite scrubbie: a cute, brightly colored crochet watermelon scrubbie!

Simple crochet watermelon scrubbie pattern.

I just love this Scrubby yarn from Red Heart. It is so fun and makes it easy to crochet a scrubbie. No cutting strips of netting or toole anymore.

After making the watermelon coasters, I knew I had to try and make a watermelon scrubbie.

I am pleased with how this patterned turned out! It was actually pretty simple to create.

Crochet Watermelon Scrubbie Pattern

Supplies for Crocheting a Watermelon Scrubbie

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Crochet Watermelon Scrubbie Pattern



The “seeds” are made about every 6th stitch. You can change that up if you like.

Round 1: (Pink Yarn) Starting with the Magic Circle, Single Crochet 12 stitches. Slip stitch to join.

Round 2: Chain 2. Double Crochet twice into each stitch around.  Slip stitch to join. (24 stitches) *Note: I changed to Black yarn for one stitch about every 6 stitches.

Round 3: Chain 2. *Double Crochet twice in the first stitch, then once in the next.* Repeat from * to *. Slip stitch to join and cut your pink yarn. (36 stitches)

Round 4: Join the Green Yarn to your project.  Chain 1. *Single Crochet twice in the first stitch and single crochet once into each of the next 2 stitches.* Repeat from * to *. Slip stitch to join and cut your yarn.

Weave in all your ends and you are all done!

As you see, pretty simple and I just love how the scrubby yarn makes these kitchen scrubbies extremely easy!

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  1. like this watermelon scrubby only thing i dony understand is you said every 6th stitch you
    changed to black yarn for the seeds do you do only one stitch in black for whole row or what
    and what rows did you do the seeds love this is it hard to seed the stitches

    1. Hi Patricia. Sorry, I have been without Internet today. Someone cut a wire someplace.

      On just round 2 I used black yarn. I did 5 pink stitches, then changed to black for one stitch (to make the seed), then back to pink for 5 stitches, then one black stitch. I just spaced them out so it looked like there were seeds in the watermelon. So only round 2 contains the “seeds”.

      I hope that helps. Thanks!

  2. sandra volz says:

    How many scrubbys can I get out of one red heart scrubby yarn?

    1. Hi Sandra!

      I have not used a full bundle yet. I would guess you could get 4 or more. You should be able to make several without problems.

  3. Yarnprepper says:

    What I might try is the green scrubby SPARKLE for the edge!

  4. Deborah S. says:

    Red Heart have a watermelon scrubby made entirely of the Sparkle. It’s bigger but I think the way Devon crochets in the seeds is better than the Red Heart pattern.
    That’s a good idea about the Sparkle just on the last round, ‘though.

  5. norma stone says:

    I like making the scrubby. I take one scrubby yarn and a cotton yarn that I make my dishcloth out of, and crochet them together to make them thicker. Don’t have any sparkle yarn at my Joann’s so I just improvised. Thank you.

    1. Good idea!! Thanks for sharing your different way of making the scrubbie. :)

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