Crochet Shamrock Headband Pattern

A simple crochet headband pattern perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! This Crochet Shamrock Headband pattern is easy to make and is a quick project!

Crochet Shamrock Headband Pattern

If you are looking for a bit o’ luck for this St. Patrick’s Day, you found the pot of gold! This crochet shamrock headband pattern is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day accessory.

The headband pictured is a newborn sized headband. So the total length before sewing the ends together is 13 inches.

I will list below the measurements for different ages so you can adjust the pattern for the size you need.

Assembling the Shamrock Crochet Headband

headband pieces

Once you have the pieces made, you just need to sew the headband together to make a circle and use the green yarn to sew the shamrock onto the headband.

Crochet Shamrock Headband Pattern

How to Crochet A Shamrock Video

If you are a visual person and would like to watch a video, I have placed a video below from my Crochet Shamrock Post.


Supplies Need to Make Crochet Shamrock Headband Pattern

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Crochet Shamrock Headband Pattern


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  • Newborn 13 inches
  • 3-6 months 14 inches
  • 6-12 months 16 inches
  • 12 months-tween 17.5 inches
  • Adult 18 inches


Chain 4, Slip Stitch into your first chain.

*Chain 4. Triple Crochet; Double Crochet; Triple Crochet all into the center of the circle. Chain 4, Slip Stitch into the center.* This makes one petal. Repeat from * to * for a total of 3 petals.

Chain 7. Half Double Crochet into the 3rd chain from your hook. Slip Stitch into the remaining chains. Add a final slip stitch into the center of the shamrock.

Leave a long tail when you cut your yarn. You will use this to sew the shamrock onto the band.


Row 1: Chain 6. Single Crochet into the second stitch from the hook. Single crochet across for a total of 5 single crochets. Turn your work.

Row 2: Chain 1. Single Crochet into the back loops only and single crochet across for a total of 5 stitches. Turn your work.

Repeat Row 2 until you have 65 rows total or till you have the desired length for your headband.

Cut your yarn but leave a long tail to allow you to sew the 2 ends of the headband together.

Printable Crochet Shamrock Headband Pattern

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  1. Cannot get patterns to come up

    1. Did you put your email in the newsletter box and get the email?

  2. Shamroch headband pattern does not state what size crochet hook to use-?-

    1. Post has been updated. H crochet hook

  3. christine thompson says:

    Hi Devon
    Thank you so much for your Pattern for the shamrocks , I am still practicing and enjoying it immensely . They don’t look as dainty as yours yet , but it’s good therapy and I think my daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters will enjoy their little wristbands Oma made. Again Thank you very much

  4. Thank you. I can wait to make this!

  5. Great little gifts for my cute nieces!!

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