Crochet Popsicle Holders

It is hot, and that means Popsicle weather! Keep those hands from freezing with crochet popsicle holders. These popsicle koozies are perfect for summertime fun!

Child holding a Popsicle that has a crocheted popsicle koozie around it. Helps to keep hands from freezing while eating popsicles.

The weather in Missouri for the past several days has hit triple digits!

It has been officially hotter than Hell – Hell, Michigan that is. :)

All that heat means it is time to get out the Popsicles (aka freezer pops). The boys enjoy them but complain about how their hands are SO cold.

That is when I grabbed up my hook and started working up a holder for the popsicles.

Child holding a blue popsicle with a lime green crochet freezer pop holders.

I chose to use 100% cotton yarn for several reasons:

1. Easy to wash

These holders are going to be used by children young and old. Kids make messes.

Cotton yarn holds up to multiple washes better.

If you are afraid of them shrinking, lay them out to dry (it is hot enough to put them outside with no problem) instead of tossing them in the dryer.

2. Feels thicker for a warmer feel

Even though the weight of the yarn is the same as acrylic yarn, it just feels thicker and warm.

It will help keep the cold away from little hands.

3. Absorbs condensation

It’s hot, and that means ice melts quickly and it creates some condensation.

Cotton is much more absorbent than acrylic yarn. It is why we use them for kitchen items like dishcloths and towels.

Two Popsicles laying on a wooden background. Each Freezer Pop has a crocheted freezer pop sleeve.

The holders are great for any age but they are perfect for smaller children. If you have older children, you may like these freeze pop sleeves.

Crochet Popsicle Holder Pattern

A little bit of information about these holders:

The base circle will be 1.75 inches in diameter.

The holder flattened measures 5 inches tall from bottom to top.


Lily Sugar 'N Cream - Purple

100% cotton yarn that is perfect for crocheting dishcloths or dish towels.

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Round 1: Chain 2. Single Crochet 4 stitches into the first chain. Slip Stitch to join. (4 SC)

Round 2: Chain 1. Single Crochet 2 stitches into each stitch. Slip Stitch to join. (8 SC)

Round 3: Chain 1. *Single Crochet 1 stitch into the first stitch. Single crochet 2 stitches into the next stitch.* Repeat from * to *.  Slip stitch to join. (12 SC)

Round 4: Chain 1. *Single Crochet 1 stitch into the first 2 stitches. Single crochet 2 stitches into the next stitch.* Repeat from * to *. Slip stitch to join. (16 SC)

Round 5: Chain 1. Single crochet into the back loops only around. Slip stitch to join. (16 SC)

Round 6-20: Chain 1. Single crochet around. Slip stitch to join. (16 SC)

Cut your yarn and weave in your ends.

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  1. Love this popsicle holder. Have to try this out.

  2. Kathy Church says:

    Looks like a fun pattern

  3. I have 3 little popsicle monsters that will enjoy using these. Looking forward to using your pattern

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