Crochet Hook Sizes

This crochet hook sizes conversion chart compares metric (mm) measures to US terms.

Several gold colored crochet hooks in different sizes.

Please note that this chart does not include steel hooks. They are sized differently. Steel hooks sizing are reversed compared to regular crochet hooks. With steel hooks, the higher the number, the smaller the hook.

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Crochet Hook Sizes

Metric (mm)US Term
2.25 mmB-1
2.5 mm 
2.75 mmC-2
3.125 mmD
3.25 mmD-3
3.5 mmE-4
3.75 mmF-5
4 mmG-6
4.25 mmG
4.5 mm7
5 mmH-8
5.25 mmI
5.5 mmI-9
5.75 mmJ
6 mmJ-10
6.5 mmK-10.5
7 mm 
8 mmL-11
9 mmM/N-13
10 mmN/P-15
11.5 mmP-16
12 mm 
15 mmP/Q
15.75 mmQ
16 mmQ
19 mmS
25 mmT/U/X
30 mmT/X

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  1. Carolyn S Maurer says:

    Thanks for the neat patterns. My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 8. She lived with us and her crochet intrigued me. I am in the process right now teaching a young girl how to crochet. The dish cloths make an easy pattern to start. My first crochet was small doilies which became hats for my dolls. The best memory I have of my grandmother and crochet was when yarn started to be used for crochet. Even though it was the same, because my grandmother crocheted from a picture using the yarn stumped her. It then became my turn to teach her how to crochet with yarn. A memory I treasure.

  2. DALEE TAYLOR says:

    Really appreciate your info on crocheting. I am rather new at it and looking forward to “making” the dishcloths, etc. Thank You!!

  3. DALEE TAYLOR says:

    Appreciate all the information on crocheting. Looking forward to starting with the dishcloths.

  4. I’m currently making a outlander shawl which the pattern requires a 7 mm hook. (EU). They don’t have letters in addition to mm on their hooks. Your chart was helpful to me in finding the correct hook size after I started with a 7 hook (US) which is 4.50. It was to small. I don’t generally like working with large hooks as my tension is loose. Your chart guided me to a size K hook, which surprising I had in my tinker bog, so now the pattern is working out better. It is important to make note of hook differences from EU/US. Thank you for the chart.

  5. Is a 7 mm crochet hook comparable to the Size K in US? If not, what is the comparable US hook for a UK 7 mm hook?

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