Crochet Animal Bookmark Patterns

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Snuggling up with a book is a great way to escape reality. How about marking your spot with a crochet animal bookmark? Make sure you grab up these patterns!

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The subject of crochet animal bookmark patterns came up the other day while I was reading with my son. The kids watch me crochet much of the day, and after he watched me place the bookmark in my book, he asked me if I would crochet one.

I decided to use this as a moment of inspiration and ask what type of bookmark I should crochet. Of course, he replied giraffe!

I did an internet search, and there are some great crochet animal bookmark patterns out there! So, I figured a roundup post was in order!

Here are just a sampling of the wonderful crochet patterns I found.

Crochet Animal Bookmark Patterns

Baby Giraffe Bookmark – Heart Hook Home

Ashlea named her bookmark “April’s Baby,” which is both hilarious and relevant. (You remember the giraffe that the entire Internet watched give birth?) This cute amigurumi crochet pattern looks easy, and she has an entire set of animal bookmark patterns on her blog, all of which are free!

Crochet Book Mouse – Supergurumi

This cute mouse with large eyes looks like he’s been squished in the book! My kids loved this pattern because you can see the mouse’s head poke out the top of the book, and the tail hang out the other end. The detail in this bookmark is great, and it’s also a free pattern!

Monkey Bookmark – LittleOwlsHut via Etsy

Is there any place you’d rather have a monkey hang out than in a book? This cute amigurumi monkey pattern features the monkey eating a banana. I love the detail on the tail also, as it is a curly spiral that hangs out the bottom. Though a paid pattern, this one is too cute to pass up! I’ll be making some for my little monkeys.

Chili the Parrot Bookmark – IIDikko via Etsy

The detail on this bookmark is amazing. Chili the parrot is adorable from his head to his tiny parrot feet. I love this designer’s bookmarks because of the detail that she adds from top to bottom of her character bookmark creations. Be sure to check out all of her paid patterns in her shop!

Unicorn Crochet Bookmark – Sofia via Ravelry

Choose a bookmark that is almost as magical as a book itself! This unicorn bookmark is a must make for the little girls (or grown ones) in your life. The free pattern is available to download from Ravelry.

Squished Penguin Bookmark – LauLovesCrochet via Etsy

If you are a penguin lover, you have to check out this adorable pattern for a penguin bookmark. The head of the penguin is cute, but the tiny feet hanging out the bottom are bright and happy. This is another paid pattern from Etsy.

Crochet Hedgehog Bookmark – Emmacrochetdesign4U via Etsy

This cute hedgehog pattern is unlike the others, as it is attached to a paper clip rather than being something that goes into your book. I like the alternative of the cute critter sitting at the top of the book, as it eliminates some of the bulkiness of having a crochet piece inside your pages if your book pages are on the thinner side.

Teddy Bear Bookmark – Tangled Co (sorry – link no longer available)

These bookmarks feature cute teddy bear heads that stick out of your book, and the bear paw hanging from the other side. This pattern uses basic crochet stitches and explains how to attach safety eyes if you decide to use them instead of yarn for the eyes.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration through these! Let me know if you decide to make one of them and leave a photo in the comments. I’d love to see how it turned out!

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