20 Funny Crochet Mugs For Any Crocheter!

Funny Crochet Mugs can help any crocheter start their day off with a smile. If you are like me, nothing happens without coffee intake.

I absolutely love coffee. A day does not go by without it. I simply can’t function and therefore, I could not crochet with it.

Funny Crochet Mugs perfect for any crocheter

I happened across some mugs the other day that just made me chuckle. I have many of these on my wish list.

I hope to gather up several of these mugs to have so each day, I can laugh. You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine. :)

Below, you will find 3 different sections of crochet mugs. Everyone’s humor is slightly different. But you should be able to find one to suit you or the person you are giving the mug to as a gift.

Funny Crochet Mugs for the Crocheter With Their Mind In The Gutter

The one on the top of my list is the “I Swoon Over Big Balls” Mug. I had a good laugh at that one! Sorry, sometimes my mind goes into the gutter. :)

So if you are a crocheter and have a dirty mind, check out these funny crochet mugs:

  1. Funny Crochet Mug- I'm a very Knotty Knotty Hooker!
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  2. I Swoon Over Big Balls Knit Knitting Crochet 11 Oz Ceramic Coffee Mugs
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  3. Funny Crochet Knitting Coffee Mug I Love Playing With Balls
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    We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Funny Crochet Mugs for Crocheters Who Like Inside Jokes

There are several mugs out there that crocheters would only understand (well, maybe some knitters would).

For example, this “Bring Me The Yarn” mug. If you don’t know that a number 2 yarn size is fine, then you may not understand the mug.

Or this “Bulky Yarn” mug, since a number 6 skein of yarn bulkier and a 1.

These crochet mugs are funny but they more of an inside joke:

 11 Ounce Funny Coffee Mug for Knitters and Crocheters – shh… I’m CountingBuy on Amazon Crocheters do it with one hand mugZazzle funny crochet knit humor knitting yarn fine weight coffee mugZazzle My Second Language Is Crochet Coffee MugZazzle

Funny Crochet Mugs For Any Crocheter

For some general cute funny crochet mugs, these are perfect! These make great gifts as well if you are unsure how a crocheter would take the other mugs.

 CafePress – Eat Sleep Crochet Stainless Steel Travel Mug – Stainless Steel Travel Mug, Insulated 16 oz. Coffee TumblerBuy on Amazon I Crochet So I Don’t Choke People Funny Knitting Coffee Mug GiftBuy on Amazon Obsessive Crochet Disorder – Funny Humor Cozy Needle Hook Hooker Knitting Cotton Sweater Quilt Yarn 11oz Coffee Tea Mug Cup Made Of White Ceramic Is Perfect Gift Idea For Mom Grandma Sister DaughterBuy on Amazon I Crochet So I Don’t Kill People – Coffee Mug – Funny Knitting, Crochet GiftsBuy on Amazon Funny Crochet Mug – If I Can’t Bring My Yarn I’m Not Going – Gifts for CrochetersBuy on Amazon Yarn Addict MugZazzle

All of these mugs would make a perfect gift for a crocheter with a great sense of humor. Give the gift of laughter this year.

Which mug is your favorite?

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  1. My fave is “I swoon over Big Balls”


    All of these are funny!! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. You’re Welcome, Gina!

      I thought they were too funny and I just had to share.

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