11 Gifts For Crocheters

Do you have a crocheter in your life and you just don’t know what type of gift to give them? Guess what? Here are 11 gift ideas for crocheters, written by a crochet lover.

11 gifts for crocheters

I have not been crocheting very long but I have come across a few things I would love to have.

If you are looking to give these ideas to a crocheter, you may need to look at their level of expertise to determine if they have these items. However, multiples of a few items never hurt!

1. Gift Cards – I know you are thinking this could be the easy way out; but, what crocheters can resist more yarn! Honestly, can we ever have too much?? Look for a gift cards to Michaels or JoAnns. Those are perfect places.

2. Yarn Storage – Since crocheters love to have yarn, there needs a place to organize yarn. This organizer is super cute and it hangs over a door. I love the baskets. It would make for a wonderful gift.

3. Yarn Bowls – I have been wanting a yarn bowl since I started. I have yet to get one but it is on my Christmas list. :) I love looking at different types of bowls and there are SO many cute ones to choose from.

 Yarn BowlBuy Now Petite Yarn BowlBuy Now Yarn BowlBuy Now Yarn BowlBuy Now Yarn BowlBuy Now Cat Yarn BowlBuy Now Yarn BowlBuy Now

4. Yarn Totes – Does your crocheter travel and crochet? I sometimes carry around a plastic bag with yarn and my crochet hooks. A nice tote would be nice to carry around everything. You can opt for a nice canvas bag.

Canvas bag

Or you can get a nice yarn drum.

yarn drum

5. Crochet Books – I would love to have this Corner-to-Corner Lap Throws for the Family by Sarah Zimmerman. I have yet to learn the corner to corner technique but I love how it looks. There are also tons of other crochet books any crocheter would love to have.

Corner-to-Corner Lap Throws for the Family

6. Row Counter – I recently found this row counter that fits on your finger! This way you don’t have to put your work down to click the counter. Just a simple tap from your thumb as you complete the row does the counting. Even if your crocheter has a row counter, having more than one is awesome. That way they can work on multiple projects. Or they can have it for a backup should one stop working.

Digital Row Counter

7. Subscription to I Like Crochet – There are tons of wonderful crochet ideas here. It is an online subscription with six issues annually, with each issue delivering 30 projects and 7 tutorials, for a total of 190 projects and 42 tutorials during the year.

Subscribe to I Like Crochet Today

8. Crochet T-Shirts – Yes there are super cute t-shirts you can get for crocheters. I personally like this one; but, there are many others to choose from too.

 Crocheter Deadly Ninja by Night T-ShirtBuy Now Frog It! Vector Crochet Frog T-ShirtBuy Now Yarn is cheaper than crack T-ShirtBuy Now
 Crochet • Not Enough Yarn Crafts {Dark} T-ShirtBuy Now I Crochet So I Don’t Kill People T-ShirtBuy Now Funny Yarnaholic T-shirtBuy Now Crochet So I Don’t Unravel T-ShirtBuy Now I CROCHET TO BURN OFF THE CRAZY T-ShirtBuy Now Crochet Hook License • Crafts {Dark} T-ShirtBuy Now

9. Jewelry – Pretty jewelry that depicts crochet items would be super cute! It will allow your crocheter to sport their love of crochet no matter where they go. This crochet queen necklace is too cute!

 Crochet braceletBuy Now Miniature ball of yarn in a bottleBuy Now Keep Clam and Carry Yarn Pendant and NecklaceBuy Now Homemade Crochet Hook BraceletsBuy Now

10. Crochet Hooks – There are some pretty crochet hooks out there to choose from. If your crocheter needs more light while they work, there are lighted crochet hooks! You can choose from wooden hooks, ergonomic hooks, and so much more!

 Hand-turned Exotic Hardwood Crochet HooksBuy Now Set 0f 11 Aluminium Crochet Hooks With Colour Coded Softgrip HandlesBuy Now Beautiful, ergonomic crochet hooksBuy Now Furls Alpha Series Wooden Crochet HooksBuy Now Crochet HooksBuy Now Wooden Crochet HookBuy Now

11. Crochet Hook Case – If your crocheter does not have a great way to store their hooks, a nice case would be wonderful. It is a great way to stay organized and protect the hooks.

crochet hook case

If you are a crocheter, what other gifts would you add?

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