Tinker Bell Pumpkin Carving

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Tinker Bell Pumpkin Carving

I haven’t carved pumpkins since I was a wee lad… not kidding.

My daughter has been talking about Tinker Bell for weeks. “I want to be Tinker Bell for Halloween,” she screams. Today, we finally went to town to get her costume and picked up a few pumpkins while we were there. I made my husband get two pumpkins because I was feeling like a carving superhero. ha!

Since we seem to be on a Tinker Bell kick, I printed this free Tinker Bell pumpkin carving template. I really can’t tell you when the last time was that I actually carved a pumpkin, so I was sort of over-optimistic when it came to this project. The template looked easy enough.

The first thing I did was tape it to my pumpkin. I grabbed my X-ACTO knife and started carving around the template.  This worked fantastic, because then I had a rough outline to work with. By the time I had spent about an hour on the project I started to seriously consider taking a black Sharpie, tracing it, and calling it good. haha! But I knew that my daughter was very excited about this, so I pressed on.

My next two super-fancy tools I used for this project were my Pampered Chef Paring Knife and my Vegetable Peeler. My friend Julie, who also sells Pampered Chef, is always laughing at me because I come up with the most hilarious ways to use the products and it gives her great stories to tell when she does home parties. For instance, you know that little scraper they sell to clean the stoneware? Yeah, I have used it to scrape ice off my car windshield in the winter and it is perfect to remove wallpaper border.

So I re-traced the template with my knife and then used the vegetable peeler to dig the pumpkin out. Once Tink’s hair was done, I also used the vegetable peeler to giver her a bit of a styling.

I had some green ribbon that I added it to the pumpkin stem to make the bow. My daughter was really happy with how her pumpkin turned out.

During the  3 hours it took me to carve the pumpkin, I suffered from one X-ACTO stab wound in the arm. Considering I am a very uncoordinated person, I think this was a win!

What are you carving into your pumpkins this Halloween?


  1. Looks great! And that is impressive that you only had one injury during the 3-hour ordeal. :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I thought so too. I am the most uncoordinated person ever. :)

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