Handprint Mason Jar Craft

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Adorable handprint mason jar craft that is easy to make and a wonderful keepsake. This jar is a perfect gift, especially for Mother’s day gift.

Handprint Mason Jar Craft. Perfect for a gift or keepsake.

I wanted to make a handprint keepsake. So, I decided I wanted to transform some mason jars into a keepsake that I can display year round.

When I told my son about the project, he was so excited to put his handprint on the jars. After I was done with each coat of paint, he would ask “Can I put my handprint on it now?”. He was so excited when I told him it was time.

The Handprint Mason Jar makes for a super cute keepsake item as well as gifts!

The one item that comes in handy for this project: Wet Ones® hand wipes. They were perfect to have right there waiting for after the boys were done placing their handprints on the jar. They are even made to help remove paint from hands! (See these are perfect for this craft!) Especially for my 2-year-old. I didn’t have to worry about paint getting everywhere!

Handprint Mason Jar Craft


  • Large Mason Jar – I used a jar that didn’t have markings on it.
  • Chalk Paint in 2 colors – Make sure the one used for the handprint is Non-Toxic!
  • Paint Brush
  • Finishing Spray – Make sure it is clear and non-yellowing
  • Wet Ones® hand wipes


Step 1: Clean your mason jar and make sure it is dry before painting.

Step 2: Apply 2 coats of your base coat paint on the outside of the jar. On my jars, I used white. Make sure allow proper drying time between coats.

Jars with base coat

Step 3: Once the base paint is completely dry, paint your child’s hand with the second color. For my jars, I used blue paint for the boy’s handprint. Remember: Use Non-Toxic Paint.

Paint Hand with paint to put handprint on jar

Step 4: Have your child put their hand on the jar. Press gently on their hands to make a nice print.

Place painted hand on jar to create a handprint

Step 5: Have your child remove their hand and promptly clean their hand with Wet Ones® hand wipes. Trust me, they work wonders!

Wipe hands with Wet Ones Wipes

Step 6: Allow the handprint to dry then spray the jars with the clear coat to seal the paint. I did this outside for proper ventilation.

Step 7: Once the clear coat is dried, decorate with flowers and you have the perfect keepsake or gift.

Jar with Handprint on it

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  1. Beth Hern says:

    Something simple to do with my kids. Thanks for the review!

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