Easter Chick Craft: Upcycled K-Cup Craft

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Got a few extra K-Cups laying around? If so, you need to make this super cute Easter Chick Craft.

Easter Chick Craft

Isn’t that little chick adorable?!

So gather up your used K-Cups and let’s get ready to make a chick!

Materials Needed For Easter Chick Craft with Upcycled K-Cups

 Rust-Oleum 249092 Painter’s Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, Sun YellowBuy on Amazon Darice 106-118 40-Pack Foam Sheets, 6 by 9-Inch, AssortedBuy on Amazon Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks, 0.21 oz, Pack of 2 (E522)But on Amazon Darice 410-Piece Paste on Eyes, 4ml

How to Make An Easter Chick with Upcycled K-Cups

Spray the k-cup yellow in a well-ventilated area and let dry completely. If needed, spray again to get any spots missed the first time around.

Use the glue stick to give the chick 2 googly eyes.

Easter Chick Craft
Cut a small triangle from the orange foam and attach to the k-cup for the chick’s beak.

Easter Chick Craft
Use the scissors to cut 2 small squares from the orange foam, cut into a W shape for the chicks feet and attach using the glue stick.

Easter Chick Craft

Cut wing shapes out of the yellow foam and glue them on the sides of the K-Cup.

Easter Chick Craft

Once your chick is complete, fill with candy or other goodies.

*Important Note: Because I used spray paint on my k-cups I cut small pieces of plastic wrap and placed inside the k-cups and then placed the treats inside.

If using a paint brush and acrylic paint to paint the outside of the k-cups (works just as well, just takes a bit longer) you could simply fill with treats.

Easter Chick Craft

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