Easter Candy Wrapper Printable

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An Easter candy wrapper printable perfect for dressing up an Easter basket!

Easter Candy Wrapper

This Easter printable is a great way to add a little bit of Easter to a plain candy bar.

This will fit a king sized candy bar. I used an XL Hershey’s Chocolate Bar in the photo.

Items needed for Easter Candy Wrapper Printable

  • Card Stock
  • Hershey’s King Sized Candy Bar
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape

How to create the Easter Candy Wrapper

First, you will need to print out the printable (see form below to get your printable) on card stock.

Easter Candy Wrap sheet

Once, you cut around the wrapper, it is time to make your candy into Easter candy.

The bunny area will be the top of the candy. Wrap the printable around to the back and adhere it with tape.

Now, your candy bar is ready for the Easter Basket!

Finished Candy wrapper

Printable Easter Candy Wrapper

Click the following link to download your printable: Easter Candy Wrapper

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