Minecraft Crochet Blanket Pattern – C2C Creeper Blanket

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What is one blanket that will make any Minecrafter yell “YeSSSSSSSS.”? A Minecraft Creeper blanket, of course.

Crochet Minecraft Creeper c2c Blanket Pattern

My boys are obsessed with Minecraft. If I let them, they would play all day long and never get bored with it.

After learning how to crochet corner to corner, I knew a Creeper themed blanket is the perfect pattern for this technique.

This lapghan ended up measuring roughly 40 inches by 40 inches which makes it perfect for snuggling under while building worlds in Minecraft.

Minecraft Creeper Blanket

Free Minecraft Crochet Blanket Pattern – C2C Creeper

Need help?
Check out my tutorial on how to crochet corner to corner.

This crochet corner to corner pattern uses traditional double crochet stitches.

The pattern is “written” in graph form and you work in a diagonal starting in one corner. Each block on the graph is one square on the blanket.

What you will need:

Download the graph for the Minecraft crochet blanket pattern

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  1. Shelley Mikolainis says:

    I am trying to find out where on your site I can print the minecraft blanket pattern. It looks wonderful!

  2. How many of each yarn color do I need, also how many blocks of each color live this pattern. It be great in a lego lap gan

    Thank you

    1. I used one skein of each yarn.

  3. How many of each color yarn do I need, can I make it bigger do you have a tutorial on graph

    1. I believe I used one skein of each yarn. There is a graph that is available if you enter your information in the form. It will auto send it to your email.

  4. Melanie A Raymond says:

    Love this and I love C2C. My question is are the squares separate and then sewn together or are there numerous color changes? Can you explain how you do that? Thank you so much.

    1. There are numerous color changes.

  5. Thanks for the beautiful work. My grand-daughter love this blanket for her birthday. Do you cut yarn each color change or how to solve the problem when doing color change? Thank you

    1. I cut the yarn for most of the color changes.

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