9 Crochet Pokemon Blanket Patterns

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One project I have yet to tackle is making crochet blankets. Since Pokemon Go is still kind of popular, I thought I would look at Crochet Pokemon Blanket Patterns.

Crochet Pokemon Blanket Patterns

Here are a few patterns I found.

Not all of these are free, but there are few in here that are.

Crochet Pokemon Blanket Patterns

Crochet Pokemon Granny Square Blanket Pattern – Organic Mom in the Kitchen
This pattern is a video pattern. It does not appear to have a written one. Each granny square has a Pokeball in the middle!

Snoralx Blanket Pattern – MelynTenshi
This blanket is huge! Fits on a Queen size bed! Made with over 1000 granny squares. Time-consuming but it looks awesome!

Mudkip Blanket Pattern – Betty McKnit
This blanket is made with single crochet stitches. The pattern contains a graphic chart.

Pokemon Afghan Pattern – stephyw2001
This pattern contains 20 Pokemon characters squares that can be made into one blanket!

Pokemon Ball Kids Afghan C2C Graph – Crochet Couch
Make a C2C afghan with a Pokeball on it!

Eevee Evolution Blanket – LucysCraftPatterns
This blanket shows the different stages of Eevee!!

Pokeball Blanket – Trish Rice
This blanket is constructed in one piece. Love how the black background sets off the Pokeball.

Cuddle-Up Pikachu Blanket – MostlyStitchin
This is a cute idea! It is a hooded blanket so you can cuddle up while playing your favorite Pokemon game!

Pikachu Lovey Blanket Pattern – StitchedUpByEmma
Cute little lovey pattern perfect for the little ones!

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More Crochet Pokemon Patterns

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