5 Tips for Home Organization: Project Declutter

The Spring Cleaning Bug has bitten me! I have been on a mission this week to get the organization in my home under control.

Each day, I pick a room (or finish up one), and I go through everything in there and decide what I want to do with the items.

Since we moved into this house while I was pregnant and then having a newborn around, we never fully unpacked. So, this week, unpacking has begun.

5 Tips for Home Organization: Project Declutter

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It all started when I wanted to move my sewing machine into my office from the basement. There was no room in my office, so it was time to make room.

These five questions helped me organize the office and remove all the clutter.

5 Tips To Declutter Your House

1. Have You Used/Worn the Item Recently?

One thing I look at is if I have used this item or worn this piece of clothing recently.

Obviously, since I am unpacking, most the items will be in this category and will most likely be either thrown out, donated, or placed in a pile for a garage sale.

In my office alone, I had emptied a collection of boxes and thrown out almost two trash bags full of trash. I now have a lovely office that I love to use.

2. Do You Plan to Use/Wear the Item Soon?

Since I was unpacking, I did give each item a second go over.

Because I just found it, I asked myself if I would use it soon.

If I couldn’t think of a use for it, it was placed in the trash, donate, or garage sale pile.


Some items need to be kept for particular reasons.

I found my husband and I’s baby blankets and these will put in a safe place.

I have been purchasing plastic storage containers to store things.

These containers will help keep things organized better, and it gets rid of cardboard boxes.


Some things broke in the move.

If I didn’t plan to fix it soon, I got rid of it.

You may also look at the cost of the item.

I had a lamp that cost less than $10, and it broke. We don’t need it, so I decided it was ok to get rid of it.


Did someone give the item to you and you feel obligated to keep it?

Does it fit your decor?

If it is something that does not work with you or your decor, donate it or put it in a garage sale.

I kept porcelain dolls from when I was younger. I am not sure why. They have been in boxes for ten plus years!

So guess what, I have boys, and I don’t want to display them, so they are going into a yard sale. (Need tips for a yard sale??)

What does not sell will get donated. I am sure there is a little girl out there that would enjoy them better than I will.

It took me a few days to get through my office, but when I did, I felt better.

I have since decluttered my oldest son’s room and started on my youngest son’s room.

Then it is on to my bedroom. I have Precious Moments to unpack and place in their cabinet so I can remove those boxes from my room.

The list is never ending it seems, but while I am in the mood, I plan to keep chugging along.

It feels terrific to have some organization back in my home.

Now it is time to work on removing clutter from your digital life.

Do you have a linen closet? See how I was able to organize mine: How to Organize your Linen Closet.

Tell me in the comments, what organization tips have worked for you?


  1. A long time ago mI realized that if I hadn’t used something in a year I either lost it or forgot t I had it. Helped me de clutter tons!

  2. (Also commented on your Google+post).
    I JUST went through my closet (and ended up making 2 printables for organizing and posting it on my website) and ended up with 3 boxes to donate to charity. And one of the #1 rules was “have you worn it recently.” So I definitely agree.
    I might have to start going through the rest of the house, though. We’re military, so I usually do a good sorting out everytime we move. But some of those nostalgia items have moved a few times…but I’m starting to wonder why.
    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Jennie!!

  3. Melissa French, The More With Less Mom says:

    My biggest hurdle is feeling obligated to keep things. Thanks for posting. Hello from Inspire Me Mondays.

    1. That was my biggest hurdle too Melissa! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I like to skip the second question when it comes to cleaning out my husband’s stuff because he keeps EVERYTHING!! Like he is worse than me. We are planning to put our house on the market in a few months so I am planning to spend the next two weeks decluttering.

    1. We should have decluttered before we moved. Wish we had. Good luck with selling your home!

  5. Oh, this so describes me! But I’m trying to get out of the trap. Today I left go of 1 1/2 medium moving boxes of books. I love them so much! But I haven’t unpacked them in 4 years, so….
    bye bye, {sniff, sniff}
    Here from Ispire ME Monday

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