Primrose Crochet Stitch Infinity Scarf Pattern

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Pretty Primrose crochet stitch infinity scarf that is perfect for Fall and Winter!

Primrose Crochet Stitch Infinity Scraf

After making my primrose dishcloth, I decided I needed something else with this beautiful crochet stitch.

The weather outside is starting to dip into the cooler temps of Fall. That is why I decided to take the dishcloth pattern and turn it into a pretty infinity scarf.

Speaking of cooler temperatures, winter is just around the corner. You will need a simple scarf pattern for battling the winter elements. It is made with single crochet stitches.

Primrose Crochet Stitch Infinity Scarf Pattern

I made this infinity scarf to be 60 inches long and it is just a smidgen under 5 inches wide. The length allows for you to double wrap the scarf when you wear it.

Primrose Crochet Stitch Infinity Scarf Pattern



Round 1: Chain 189. Slip stitch to the beginning chain. Make sure you don’t get your chains twisted.

Round 2: Chain 1. Single Crochet, Chain 2, Skip 2 chains, Single Crochet into the next chain. *Skip the next 2 chains. Single Crochet, Chain 2, Single Crochet into the next chain.* Repeat from * to *. Slip stitch to join.

Round 3: Chain 3. *Double Crochet 3 Stitches in next chain 2 space.* Repeat from * to * round. Slip stitch to join.

Repeat Round 2 and 3 for a total of 10 Rounds. The last round being a round of double crochet stitches.

Printable Scarf Pattern

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