Midwest Travel: Kansas City Sea Life Aquarium

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I simply loved the aquarium so much and got such amazing photos that I wanted to share it with you all!

Last week we decided to take a trip down to Kansas City to visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Center and the Sea Life Aquarium to celebrate our daughter’s third birthday. Both attractions are new to Kansas City this year and are located in Crown Center, which is downtown.

The Sea Life Aquarium is an indoor aquarium featuring over 5,000 sea creatures. In this self-guided adventure, kids of all ages can learn more about the creatures of the sea, experience the underwater tunnel, and touch starfish in the Interactive Rockpool.


This Starfish was hanging out on the glass and the photo shows it’s tube feet, or ambulacral pedicels, which are what help them move. Did you know that if a starfish loses a limb, it can grow it back?

Clown Fish

Look at all the Nemo’s I found! Clown Fish are unique in that they can change sex if they need a male or female in the group. They live in coral reefs, hiding out mostly in sea anemone because they are immune to the stings.


These cute seahorses were literally hanging out together on the coral. It was interesting watching them balance themselves against whatever they wrapped their tails around.


The Stingrays were all together in their own tank. These guys look like they are smiling at you from underneath! Watching them move so gracefully through the water was beautiful.


Did you know that Jellyfish are 95% water? They don’t have a brain, heart, nerves, or blood. The tank with the jellyfish was gorgeous and had multiple colors of light that showcased these beautiful creatures as they swam through the water. I think that this is my favorite photo that I captured at the aquarium.


I enjoyed watching these two. It looked like they were having an in-depth conversation.


Another gorgeous bright-colored coral sea fish.

We had a great visit at the aquarium and will definitely go back next time we are in Kansas City. There are currently 4 other locations in the United States in Arizona, California, Texas, and Minnesota. They open at 10am daily and are open year-round. Passes can be purchased as either an annual membership or a daily ticket.

Visit their website at Sea Life Aquarium: Kansas City for more information.

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