How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are something that every mom uses to clean up her baby during changing time. Several moms have told me that they make their own baby wipes, which seemed very economical to me.

Why make your own baby wipes? Several reasons come to mind.

  1. My child has a sensitive bottom and I want to control what goes on it to prevent diaper rash.
  2. I hate running to the store just to make a trip to purchase baby wipes.
  3. I feel they are a bit better at cleaning up #2 because of the stiffness of the paper.
  4. It saves you money! I was able to purchase enough materials to make 32 weeks worth of wipes for less than you can buy a 3 pack for in the store, which might last 6 weeks.

All I have to say is thank goodness for You Tube! I found this video by Babies411, which I followed to make my wipes.

Homemade Baby Wipes


  • 1 Roll Paper Towels (I used Viva because they are soft)
  • 1 Large Kitchen Knife
  • 1 Tbsp Baby Wash
  • 1/2 Tbsp Baby Oil
  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Large Container for Storage


Step 1: Using your large kitchen knife, cut the roll of paper towels in half. I used my husband for this step because we all know that it is not safe to allow me to use a large knife.

Paper Towel

Step 2: Since I used an empty container from another brand I had previously purchased, I had to fold my towels to fit into the container. You can also use a large round container as they do in the video if you want to skip this step. Take the paper towels and fold it back and forth where the sheets can be easily dispensed one at a time from the top of the container.

Folded Paper Towels

Step 3: Stir your baby wash and baby oil into the water. I took a picture of the products I used, but you can find many other recipes on this website.


Ingredients\Mix Ingredients Together

Step 4: Pour the mixture over the wipes. Close the top of the container and all this to sit for approximately 10 minutes.

Pour Mixture over Paper Towels

Step 5: Open top of container and flip wipes over using clean hands. Allow them to sit for another 10 minutes before using or storing for later usage.

Let sit for 10 minutes

That is it! Super simple, right? My favorite part about this is that I can sit and fold the paper towels into the container while I watch TV and can make wipes at ANY time during the day!

My next mission will be creating a travel-sized, washable, wipe container.  :)

Do you have any great tips to share on making baby wipes?



  1. Kristen @ Curious Cora says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! I have enough wipes from my baby shower to last me a little bit longer, but I would love to make my own! I think making your own anything is better than buying it! Next stop: Make your own washing detergent and dish soap! :)

    1. I agree Kristen! I make anything I can. I actually got enough baby wash from my shower that I haven’t had to buy any in almost 2 years! I have some family members that make their own laundry soap. Maybe I need to consult them for my next tutorial! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Im gonna have to try that!

  3. Ok, I tried this…and after the first 10 minutes I flipped the paper towels over, but the bottom ones were still dry. Should I have done something different?

    1. Depending on how thick your pile of wipes will be, you may have to adjust the mixture. If I get a roll that is a little bit larger than normal, I usually start out with more water, maybe 1 1/4 cup. You can also try pouring the mixture on top and then pour a bit of it down the sides so that it will make it down to the bottom.

      Another “quick tip” I’ve starting using is to simply leave the half roll as is (without folding it) and putting it in a large wipes case and pouring the mixture over it. With this method I usually have to open the lid each time to tear the towel off the roll, but it has also worked pretty well for me.

    2. I think I figured it out…I think I used a bigger roll…lol. Thank you for posting this.

      1. Great to hear that! Congrats on your new site. Good luck! I’ll stop over and follow you.

  4. This sounds like a great idea… but most paper-towel fibers are sprayed with various chemical solutions during processing & packaging. Make sure you’re reading the labels carefully, and choose non-recycled paper-towel brands. Any ‘recycled’ fibers will have been chemically cleaned, whereas most new towels have fibers that have only been bleached. You wouldn’t want those chemicals absorbing into your child’s skin, especially if they are already sensitive.

    1. Thank you for the tips Mandi.

  5. Wonderful, I sure will tell my friends about it. thanks for sharing.

  6. Heather Umphrey says:

    Oh, my goodness! That is great! Baby wipes can be expensive over time and harsh on babies bottoms. What a clever and usefull post : )

  7. Marie-claude says:

    By adding rose or orange blossom water to this recipe, you add a great perfume without irritation !

    1. Thanks for the tip!

  8. I recently linked to this in a post I wrote. Thanks for the great idea!

  9. Joni Mackey says:

    I made these a few weeks ago and they were great. BUT if you don’t use them fast they mold. I had to throw half of it away.

    1. I’ve never had them mold on me before. I suppose it could happen if you didn’t use them fast enough though. I would make up only one batch at a time and then when I was running low, start another. I also got to the point to where I was just cutting the paper towel roll in half and instead of folding it nicely, I just put it in the container whole and would tear off the sheets.

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