Free Printable Donut Valentines For An Amazing Valentine’s Day

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Want to have unique cards this Valentine’s Day? You donut want to miss these free printable donut valentines! Pair the cards with adorable donut erasers.

Printed Donut Valentine with Donut eraser attached with gold ribbon. Sitting next to a jar of donut erasers

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you donut want to miss these printable Valentines! (pun intended)

These are cute valentines cards you can easily print and add adorable donut erasers for a unique card.

How To Create Your Donut Valentines Cards

What you will need:


First, get your printable valentines cards at the bottom of this post. Simply enter your email and it will be sent to you to download.

Second, print out your cards on the card stock. Print as many as you need.

Printed Donut Valentines with donut erasers and hole punch.

Third, cut out each valentine with your scissors. Then using the rounded corner punch, round off the corners of the valentines. If you don’t have a corner punch, then you do not need to do this part of the step.

Fourth, write your to and from information on the back of the card.

Fifth, using the hole punch, add a hole in the top in the center of the card. Using the gold ribbon, tie on a little donut eraser.

donut valentines with attached donut eraser

Now you can hand out your adorable donut valentines!!!

Printable Donut Valentines

Click the following link for your download: Donut Valentines

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