Free Crochet Hat Size Chart

How to size a crochet hat? Everyone’s head varies in size. How does one go about crocheting hats? There are a few different ways to answer these questions: one answer, a crochet hat size chart. Keep reading to check out the chart (with optional printable) and other options.

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Best Way to Size a Crochet Hat

Honestly, the best way to size a hat is to measure the person’s head that the hat is for.

To get the head measurements, use a sewing tape measure and measure the various areas of the person’s head for the pattern.

In general, the crochet hat circumference is about 1 inch smaller than the head circumference. This allows for the hat to fit on someone’s head without it falling off. Also, most crochet hats will have about an inch of stretch.

However, it is hard to get everyone’s hat size, especially if you plan to make hats for craft shows and presents. Measuring is out of the question.

So what do you do? Use a general sizing guide.

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Crochet Hat Size Chart

Using a general crochet hat size chart is the perfect way to make a crochet hat when measuring is not an option.

I have compiled a list of general sizing for different age groups, and you are welcome to follow this chart while crocheting a hat.

Circle Diameter
Preemie 1-2 pounds9-10 in7.5-8 in1.75-2 in3-3.5 in
Preemie 2-3 pounds10-11.25 in8.5-10 in2-2.25 in3.5 in
Preemie 4-5 pounds11.5-12 in9-10 in2.5-3 in3.5-4 in
Preemie 5.5-6 pounds12-13 in10-11 in3-3.5 in4-4.5 in
Newborn13 in12-12.5 in3.5-4 in4.5-5.5 in
2 weeks – 3 months14 in13.-13.5 in4.45-4.75 in5.5-6 in
3-6 months15 in14.-14.5 in5 in6.-625 in
6-9 months16 in15 in5.25 in6.25-6.5 in
9-12 months16.5 in15.5 in5.25-5.5 in6.5 in
12-18 months17 in16 in5.5-5.75 in6.75 in
18-24 months18 in17 in5.75-6 in7.25 in
2-5 years18-19 in17-18 in6.25 in7.25-7.5 in
Child19-20 in18-19 in6.25-6.5 in7.75-8 in
Teen20-21 in19-20 in6.5-6.75 in8-8.5 in
Adult Woman22 in21 in7-7.5 in8.75-9 in
Adult Man23 in22 in7.5-8 in9.25-9.5 in
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You can also use crochet hat templates. I have found that these on Etsy are easy to use.

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