Awesome Minecraft Cakes For A Birthday Party

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Minecraft continues to be a favorite amongst the youth today. They get lost for hours, creating their worlds and working with friends on their adventures.

Make your child’s birthday or other events extra special by celebrating with these Minecraft birthday cakes.

20 Minecraft Cakes perfect for your next Minecraft themed party!

Minecraft Cake Ideas

I created a simple one by making three different kinds of cake and frosting them to match. You cut them into squares and arrange them any way you want to create your own Minecraft landscape. Decorate the cake squares so you have grass blocks, sand blocks, and water.

A super simple way to decorate cupcakes is by making Creeper cupcakes, such as the ones by The Joy of Boys. They are really easy to make, by dyeing your favorite vanilla cupcakes green (or make your favorite flavor and color the frosting) and then making the Creeper faces out of black candies.

Use a square cupcake pan to make a bunch of Minecraft cupcakes. Confessions of a Cookbook Queen shows you how to pipe on frosting for a grass base and then cut up candies to make the faces.

Or, you can make Minecraft character faces out of your choice of moldable edible product and place them on top of simple cupcakes like Vanilla Frost Cakes did.

Julie is Coco and Cocoa has twin boys who are obsessed with Minecraft. For their 12th birthday, they made a regular cake and decorated it to look like a Creeper. For their 13th birthday, they wanted the cake to look like one of the Cake blocks. To make these cakes, she simply uses a box mix and then decorates with homemade frosting and decorations.

Another super easy way to make a Minecraft themed birthday cake is like this one from Coolest Birthday Cakes. Build your layers and then use purchased Minecraft figurines for decoration.

Make a regular cake, pipe green frosting on top, and then break up chocolate candy bars on top to create a Creeper face like this one from That Neat Blog, featured on Life As Mama.

Adventures of Mel came up with one of the easiest ways to make a Cake block cake. Use Oreos in the frosting layer between two fudge cake layers and sliced strawberries in the top cream cheese layer.

Eating on a Dime made a similar Minecraft block cake by stacking three square cakes on top of each other. Armed with detailed instructions from her sons, she decorated it with homemade frosting and red squares cut from Red Candy Melts. Her secret flavor touch that wowed the crowd was a hint of cinnamon added as she smoothed out the frosting.

At Ribbons and Glue, she easily made Creeper themed cupcakes by cutting up a frozen homemade chocolate cake, decorating it to look like grass, and printing off Creeper pictures to put on toothpicks. Cheap and easy!

Cupcakes are also fun because you can arrange them in patterns. Mum turned Mom made square cupcakes topped with decorating icing and then arranged like a Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake.

If you have plenty of time and are somewhat skilled in the world of making objects out of sugar paste and molds, check out this gorgeous one from Cakes, Bakes, and Cookies. To make a girl’s Minecraft themed Cake, she made a gluten free Madeira cake as the base, though any kind of cake would work. Then, she used a mold to create Minecraft people and then decorated with other sugar paste squares. She also spelled out her daughter’s name.

Ann Reardon at How to Cook That made a large square cake by adding lots of fondant squares. Make your own fondant or purchase some that is ready made. Watch her video for detailed instructions on how to put it together.

Lucy Jane pieced together a chocolate cake and green-dyed vanilla cake with chocolate ganache to make the inside of the cake checkered. Then she decorated with icing and a fondant Steve, TNT, creeper, and animals.

Jessica Kenenske created a Minecraft Block Cake Landscape by using cake for the glass blocks, rice krispie treats for sand blocks, and blue jello for water. She includes a video link to show you how to make the glass blocks, as well as free printables to go with a Minecraft party theme.

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons made a similar Minecraft landscape cake with limited time available, using chocolate cake, rice krispie treats, and blue gel icing. She and her son worked together to make easy candy decorations to go on it.

Or, how about some Minecraft Cake Pops? Eating on a Dime makes a fun dough out of a cake and frosting mixture. Shape them into cubes, instead of a traditional round cake pop. Cover them in green candy melt and use melted chocolate for some simple decorations. This is another frugal option that looks great in the end.

Which one of these Minecraft ideas are you going to try and build?

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  1. Hello, Thanks for sharing my Minecraft cake. I’ve made a few now and you’re right when you say if you’ve got time. That cake took hours!!!
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