15 Animal Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

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I just love crochet baby hats! They are just so little and adorable! Animal crochet baby hat patterns are no exception! They may even be the cutest hats a person can make!

Animal Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

Animal Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

Crochet Cow Hat Pattern – Repeat Crafter Me
This adorable hat is gender neutral but it would be easy to add a bow or a pink nose to it if needed!

Lovable Lamb Crochet Hat Pattern – Pretty Darn Adorable
What a sweet little lamb! Looks to be a simple pattern as well. Ears would be the hardest part.

Little Deer Crochet Hat – The Friendly Red Fox
I have seen this hat on Pinterest and I just in love with it. It is so sweet! I am not sure on the size of this hat but it is definitely worth making!

Frog Crochet Hat – Melodys Makings
Cute little frog hat! I love the simplicity of this hat!

Crochet Baby Fox Hat – Sweeping up Glitter
Love these little fox ears! Would be cute to pair this with a diaper cover that has the fox tail.

Sloth Crochet Hat – AMK Crochet
This hat reminds me of Flash from Zootopia!

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Giraffe Crochet Baby Hat – Jenny and Teddy
Giraffes hold a special place in my heart. I just love them! This is a simple hat to create as well. Check out this post if you want more giraffe crochet patterns.

Zebra Crochet Hat – Crochet Baby Boutique
Love the stripes! The cute little main is great too!

Crochet Bunny Hat with Flower – Ira Rott (Sorry – link no longer available)
These long ears are adorable! It appears that it would work up fairly quickly too! If you want a boy bunny, you could simply leave off the flower.

Lion Baby Hat with diaper cover – The Twisted K
This hat makes adorable newborn photos! Love the mane around the lion hat.

Spring Chick Hat – RamsiLeigh Crochet (Sorry – link no longer available)
This little chick is simple and cute! This pattern would be perfect for a beginner!

Elephant Crochet Hat – Ava Girl Designs
Can’t go wrong with these big ears! Love it!

Hedgehog Hat – Briana Olsen
Now this is something you don’t see everyday! This hedgehog it adorbs!

Black Cat Slouch Hat – Persia Lou
This is an adult size, but it would be super cute to take and shrink it down to baby size! Who is going to try it?

Crochet Raccoon Baby Hat – Angels Chest
Cute little boy and girl raccoon beanie hats! Love these masked bandits. :)

Which one of these hats do you want to try and make first?

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