Man’s Gift – Get Creative with Giving Cash – Dollar Bill Origami

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Today, we will be creating something that many of us have a hard time buying for – men. I never know what to get my husband and I keep pulling from the same pool of resources each year. I also have brothers that I am a loss for idea for. Most of the time I end up giving them cash… which led me to today’s tutorial.



  • Money! You can use any type of bill that you want.


For the instructions for this project, I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, so I decided to embed the You Tube video I watched to create this dollar bill shirt and tie below. I tried to follow text directions and I didn’t feel like they provided nearly enough explanation and that it is easier to watch it than to read it and try to make the folds.

 I hope that you enjoy this project and have fun pairing this cash gift with a creative card!

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  1. I was thinking of doing origami bills for my brother in law (he is 9) like aguitar with a “Have a rockin Christmas” card… i saw a couple places online that have tutorials but havent mastered it yet. Probably do something similar for nieces and nephews

    1. That is a clever idea! I highly recommend watching You Tube videos to learn! This one helped me understand what to do much better. Good luck!

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