We Made The Switch to GoodNites TRU-FIT Underwear #TRUFITWALMART

This is a sponsored post by Good Nites®. All opinions are my own.

My son has been asking more and more to wear his big boy pants to bed. This puts me in a tough spot. I know he doesn’t want to wear disposable underwear anymore, however, I don’t like the idea of laundry every day. GoodNites* TRU-FIT* underwear has been a saving grace for us. Everybody is happy!

GoodNites® LogoThe GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear looks like regular underwear. The only difference is the leak-proof pouch where the disposable liner fits. The GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear is also very trim so when your child wears them under their pajamas, no one can tell.

Good Nites Tru-Fit UnderwearI love the fact that I can just add an insert to the underwear and they are ready to go for the night. Even better, the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* underwear is machine washable! Just remove the insert and wash.

The big question you are all wondering about – Do they work? YES! We have not had a problem using them. In fact, I have bought another starter kit so we can have more pairs of underwear.

Another questions you may be wondering about – How much do they cost compared to disposable underwear? The inserts are cheaper than the disposable underwear. That was another plus that made us make the switch to GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear.

Placing the disposable insert into the GoodNites* TRU-FIT * Underwear

When I was reading around about the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear, I noticed a few people talked about it being difficult to place the insert into the underwear. I really isn’t that hard. In fact, I created this video to show you just how easily it can be done.

GoodNite* Tru-Fit* Starter Kits

Can’t wait for your child to try these out? Simply register at GoodNites.com and receive your coupon to purchase a GoodNites* TTU-FIT* Starter Kit which includes two pairs of underwear and five disposable inserts in your choice of boys or girls colors. (see more information here)

What are your thoughts on the GoodNites* TRU-FIT* underwear? Is is something your child would like?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites* TRU-FIT*.


  1. Kristen Kelly says:

    This is a great idea! We aren’t there yet, but I think that I would definitely use these when my son gets older.

  2. This will sure come in handy. Very good idea! The video was very helpful too.

  3. I used to use these and they were great. Even when kids were bigger but still bed wetting, they don’t feel like a baby wearing these. They also give GOOD protection and never leak through!

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