How to Make an Origami Kusudama Flower

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In the spirit of Earth Day, I wanted to do a craft that involved using leftover paper. Because I love to scrapbook, I often have random sizes of paper cut from larger sheets that I save for smaller projects like this one. I searched the Internet for how to make a paper flower and came upon this tutorial.

Here is my version of the tutorial with the flower that I made. Isn’t it cute?

How to Make Paper FlowersHow to Make an Origami Kusudama Flower


  • 5 Sheets of 6″x6″ paper
  • Glue (I used glue dots for this project, however you can also use your glue gun or double-sided tape)


Step 1:  With the patterned side of the paper down, fold the paper diagonal, creating a triangle.

Origami Flower Step 1

Step 2:  One at a time, take the bottom points of the triangle and fold them in toward the top point.

Origami Flower Step 2

Origami Flower Step 2aStep 3:  Take the points you just folded and fold them back, facing themselves until you get the diagram below. Do this to both sides.

Origami Flower Step 3

Origami Flower Step 3aStep 4:  Using your index finger, insert your finger into the fold you just created. Pull the fold out and press it down flat, creating a squash fold. Do this to both sides.

Origami Flower Step 4

Origami Flower Step 4aStep 5:  Fold the points down on both the left fold and the right fold. The below diagram shows the right fold only. Do this to both sides

Origami Flower Step 5Step 6: Fold the outer flaps in, toward one another, forming the interior of the flower. Do this on both sides.

Origami Flower Step 6Step 7: Using your glue dot, or whatever form of glue you have chosen to use, glue this piece together.

Origami Flower Step 7Step 8: This completes one petal. Create 4 more making a total of 5 petals.

Origami Flower Step 8Step 9: Once all 5 petals are created, use your glue to attach them each together. Be sure to put your glue as far toward the inside portion of the paper as you can. Here is what your end result should look like!

Finished Flower

Ideas: Have some fun with this project! Create flowers with a holiday patterned paper to add to your gifts instead of store bought bows. Create several of these to insert into a centerpiece for your family dinners. Attach a pipe cleaner at the bottom and group several together to create a wedding paper bouquet. The possibilities are endless! If you decide to try out this project, please come back and let me know how yours turned out!

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  1. Oh boy- Origami was never my thing. I tried so hard with it too! Great project! I am envious ;-)

    1. Aimee, you should try this out. I’ve never been the best with origami either, but these folds were pretty simple.

  2. Christy, HOMEmomMADE says:

    Just found your blog googling deals for moms, glad I found this though. I’ll be hosting the 3rd edition of Make & Share Friday – Saturday, I’d love for you to stop by and link up .)

    1. Absolutely, I will have to stop back by on Friday. Who knows, maybe I’ll have some more crafts done by then :)

  3. This is so cool i love that it has step by step things so that you can do this cut flower.

  4. The tutorial instructions are perfect. Very beautiful

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