Crochet Hot Pad

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What a cool new hot pad! I love to crochet and after I first saw this pattern at a friend’s house I knew I had to make one for myself — and maybe a few for my close friends. I’m not advanced in crochet by any means, and this pattern was a bit hard for me to understand, but I made it through and I think the end product looks pretty wonderful!

Crochet Hot Pad

Want to make one of these for your very own?


  • Crochet hook – I used size I, pattern calls for Size G
  • Yarn, 2 skeins in different colors – Be careful what type of yarn you use because you don’t want to set a hot pan down and have your yarn burn!!!
  • Yarn Needle (for weaving ends)
  • Scissors (for cutting yarn)


Please visit the Craft Yarn Council website for the exact instructions for this project. I recommend printing out the visual diagrams for reference because it is hard to remember what pattern to follow once you change colors.

My design slightly varies from the instructions because I sometimes like to travel off the beaten path when crafting. (Or rather, mess up and have to try and redeem myself!) Regardless, the hot pad only took me approximately a day to crochet and was a fun new project. I think I will make a few more to give away as wedding or housewarming gifts.

Hot Pad


  1. Very cool and unique pattern. I’m extremely challenged with the art of crochet. Can I be one of your close friends on your list of who you will make them for? :)

  2. haha, Julie, maybe I need to do a beginners crochet video series.

  3. Hello Kendra says:

    great tute! what kind of yarn did you use??

  4. Thanks! I used a cotton yarn, but wool is also a recommended kitchen yarn for hot pads. From my reading, acrylic will melt (like plastic) and shouldn’t be used in projects that are meant to withstand hot temperatures.

  5. I love to crochet as well and I like your hot pad. There is a magic crochet hot pad on the net as well and you would probably enjoy making those as well as they are somewhat padded and perfectly square.
    Always glad to find another crocheter in blog land

  6. Thanks Grace! I will definitely look around for it and maybe make it my next project.

  7. Helen Skiles says:

    Amanda do you have a very easy pattern for a granny square? I am kind of a beginner and get confused easy LOL Thanks I just found you and hope to be able to follow along with your darling things

    1. Hello Helen! Amanda isn’t with Midwestern Moms any more but I have been learning crochet. I haven’t gotten to a granny square yet. Here is a link where you may be able to find a pattern that works for you: Granny Square Patterns

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