20 Awesome Shark Crochet Patterns

Shark Week is upon us! What better way to celebrate that finding shark crochet patterns! Time to get your hook out and made these awesome patterns!

Shark Crochet Patterns

Hammerhead Shark Crochet Pattern – This is just adorable. Perfect stuff shark for a little one.

Shark Bag – Cute little bag to use for a purse or a fun on for a child!

Amigurumi Shark Pattern – This Great White is safe to play with! He won’t bite, I promise.

Shark Pencil Pouch – Cute idea for kids to keep their pencils in for school.

Shark Crochet Pin Pattern – This little pin is easy to whip up in no time! Would be great to add to a child’s backpack!

Shark Popsicle Holder – Great way to keep the kids hands from freezing when they eat a popsicle!

Bernard the Ball Shark Amigurumi Softie Crochet Pattern – What a cute round Great White! He looks so cuddly even with his sharp looking teeth!

Super Cute Shark Afghan Pattern – The name says it. It is cute! This is a side view of a shark as a blanket.

Crochet Shark Sleep Sack Pattern – This sleep sack is for a child sized sleep sack, however the alterations are explained for teens and adults!

Shark Puppet Scrubby – Cute idea to make for the kids’ bath time!

Women’s Shark Socks Crochet Pattern – Nothing like slipping on these shark socks to start watching Shark Week or JAWS!

Dog Shark Costume – Don’t forget your dog! Get them into Shark Week or Halloween with this cute outfit!

Gummy Shark Scarf – Love those gummy sharks? This scarf is just too cute to pass up!

Shark Crochet Hat Pattern – This is the perfect hat for a shark lover!

Shark Rattle Pattern – Love how adorable this rattle is!! Cute idea for a baby shower gift!

Jawesome Shark Cuddle Critter Cape Set – This is beyond cute! If you are a photographer, you need this in your props.

Shark Granny Square Pattern – Make a cute Shark themed blanket with this Granny Square!

Shark Crochet Cozy Pattern – This reminds me of the JAWS Movie Poster!

Shark Corner-2-Corner Blanket – I just love the C-2-C look and I really need to try making a blanket. Maybe I will start with this?

Shark-A-Jack – Cute little doll with a shark costume. Just darn cute!


  1. Shouldn’t these be JAWSOME??

    I love your blogs!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. That is perfect! I wish I would have thought of that!!! :)

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