How to Add Networked Blogs to Your Facebook Fan Page

Networked Blogs is a great application that will allow you to publish your blog and connect with other bloggers socially. It’s a great way to get your blog found (and read) by others!

This tutorial is meant to teach you how to attach the blog feed to your blog by adding it in your Facebook Fan Page navigation as the photo shows below.

Networked Blog NavigationStep 1

Sign up for Networked Blogs. This will require you to sign in through your Facebook Page and allow it to post through one of the pages you manage. When you follow the steps and connect your blog to networked blogs, as soon as you publish a new blog, it will go into your feed and also post to your Facebook Page. The ability to put the navigation on your Facebook Page, allows your viewers to be able to view the teasers of the last several posts on your page.

Step 2

Customize your Networked Blogs settings and complete your profile. You will need to add your blog and also confirm that you are an actual blog author by posting a piece of code into your blog settings. Networked Blogs will walk you through this setup process. You will also need to pull your feed into their network so that readers who find you through this network can see an overview of the recent content you have to offer. This is a stepped process that they will take you through.

Step 3

Add your blog to your Facebook Page navigation. Click the link to be able to use Facebook as your Page (not your personal account). Click the “Edit Page” button. Choose “Apps” from the navigation. Click the link at the bottom to “Browse More Applications” and search for Networked Blogs. Add the app to your Facebook Page and update your settings based upon how you want the application to interact with your page. You will have to grant it permission to post. You can also edit the name of the navigation by clicking “Edit Settings” on the App section of your Facebook Page.

The application is great for posting your content to your Facebook page as soon as it is published. It is also a great way to network with fellow bloggers and check out their content as well! Other bloggers can actually follow your blog via Networked Blogs from your Facebook Fan Page and get updates when you publish a new post.

Do you use Networked Blogs? What is your favorite feature?


  1. A lot of great information! Thanks for writing and posting it!

  2. It doesn’t work:( It won’t let you browse more apps as your facebook page, but only as your regular account. any ideas?

    1. Let me look and see if I can help.

  3. To originally add the “Networked Blogs” app Facebook requires you to switch back to your personal account. Once you have added the app, and added your blog to it, you can then customize the settings to be able to show up on your Page instead of through your personal account. I believe it requires you to first set it up through your personal account showing that you are the admin of the page. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  4. Hi Amanda,

    Thank you for the info provided! I ran into the same issue as Emily did and was able to add the blog to my facebook fan page by doing the following:
    1. Visit NetworkedBlogs fan page and click on the Add to my Page link in the left menu, and then from the pop-up window, select the pages you want to add the app to.
    2. Go back to your own fan page and click on the “Blog” on the left menu then follow the appropriate links to give NetworkedBlogs permission to access your fan page. You can also choose whether you want to publish to tab only or both your wall and tab.

    There is other helpful info at their FAQ page:

    Hope this helps!


    1. Jean, thanks for posting this. I will update my post to reflect the more detailed instructions for future readers.

  5. great blog and thanx for the help but it did not pull my posts for me. one of the reasons I am less and less on facebook but at least it is added, if it ever fixes itself!! have a great day!!

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