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What Do You Love About Water? #BottlesForKids

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Having a conversation with my toddler about water was quite hilarious. Mostly because when she knows that she is being recorded or having her photo taken she really hams it up and starts acting like she is posing. It took us a few tries to get something that I could work with, but I hope you enjoy our video!

Cute, right?

Today I will be giving you some tips on how to get your kids to drink more water.

Drinking water is a huge part of our daily lives. I drink a lot of water daily since I am trying to lose weight, and my daughter sees me drinking it and often asks for it by herself. Kids learn by example and I think that the biggest tip that I have to get your kids to drink more water is for you to drink it yourself. They will watch you and quickly follow suit.

Another great way to get kids to enjoy water is to provide them with good tasting water. Our tap water is horrible to drink, so we filter everything to ensure that our water is clean and safe to drink. Since it is filtered, it tastes so much better!

The method of delivery never hurts either. I love bottles that my daughter can carry around the house and not spill easily.

Did you know that Brita now has bottles for kids with a filter in the bottle?

That’s one way I’ve helped my kids discover the wonders of water. Brita’s new product, the Brita Bottle for Kids, now provides an easy and fun way to have clean, filtered H2O on the go.

Now I’m curious, how do you encourage your kids to drink more water? Reply below and one of my readers will win a $50 Visa gift card!


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